Muscular and aggressive, Saietta R is our flagship, next generation electric urban sport motorcycle. With huge, low-down power and understated cool, getting on is like riding a relentless wave of torque through the city.

The Saietta R acceleration is beyond fast, from 0-60 mph in 3 seconds. With exceptional emphasis on concentrating its masses in the most compact overall package and shortest possible wheelbase, the Saietta R has a cocktail of power and razor sharp handling which intoxicates. 120 miles range including a 12 mile reserve, and 120 Nm of torque, the R model is a fast, aggressive ride, and at 60 pence for 100 miles, you will never notice the cost of riding.

Optimised through intelligent design and ground-breaking engineering to invoke a near-perfect user relationship, Saietta's exceptional manoeuvrability and instinctive ergonomics expand your riding abilities and heightens the senses.


Saietta R Performance: 0-60mph in 3 seconds

Top Speed: 105 mph

Driving Range: City: 120 miles (193 km), including reserve of 12 miles, (20 km) Highway: 58 miles (94 km) Combined: 74 miles (120 km)
Personalised Throttle Response: enables owner's personal preference.

Operating Cost: 60 pence for 100 miles around town (Assuming 5 pence/kWh for Economy 7 electricity)

Motor: High Torque Electric motor
Type: Advanced Axial flux Permanent Magnet DC
Peak Motor Power: 96.5 hp, (72 kW)
Peak Motor Torque: 127 Nm , (93.7 foot pounds)
Final Drive: Direct Precision Roller Chain Drive
Transmission: High Efficiency "Drive-Torque Geometry-Control" ™

Battery Type: Advanced Agility Lithium-Ion optimised for electric Vehicles
Battery Pack Capacity: 9.64 kWh (nominal), 11.0 kWh (max)
Battery Life: 1,000 cycles to 80% capacity (100% DOD) 2000 hours, 80,000 miles.
On-Board Charger: 1.5kW (3kW with *Fast Charge Pack) high-power on-board digitally controlled charger and energy storage management system.

Recharge Time: Maximum charging time: 3.5-8 Hours dependent on electricity power supply level available

Chassis: World’s First Agility Composite Monocoque

Weight: Under 220kg / 485lbs Seat Height: 77 cm / 30.4" Width: 87 cm / 34.3" (to handlebar-ends including mirrors) Height: 117 cm / 46" Length: 193 cm / 76" Wheelbase: 135 cm / 53"

Suspension Front: Advanced "Wide-Base Variable-Geometry"™ Unequal Length Front Double-Wishbone with adjustable damping and pre-load settings
Suspension - Rear: "Drive-Torque Geometry Control"™ integrated transmission and suspension system with adjustable damper and pre-load settings

Brakes - Front: 320mm floating disk with four piston Hydraulic Brake Calliper, Radially mounted.
Brakes - Rear: 240 mm disk with dual piston Hydraulic Brake Calliper.

Wheels (Front/Rear): Alloy: 17"x 3" / 17" x 4.0" Tires (Front/Rear): 100/70-17" / 130/50-17" or optionally: 120/70-17 / 150/55-17
Instrumentation: Combined classic Analogue and LCD display; speed, odometer, battery status.

Fuel Economy: 386 mpg-e / 164.3 km/L-e
Carrying Capacity: single-seat and twin-seat available soon
Warranty: 1 year full warranty, 2 year limited warranty

Core colours:

  • Red Rosso Purosangue
  • Flash White
  • Antracite Black
  • Midnight Blue

Optional colours: A wide range of optional colours are available on request.

All vehicle ranges can be affected by a number of factors including; speed, acceleration, number of starts and stops, rider and payload weight, changes in gradient, changes in wind speed and direction and road surface. Agility products used for racing do not carry a manufacturer's warranty. All specifications are subject to change without notice.

*Fast Charge Pack – Agility’s quick charge accessory offering.